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Health-Conscious Eating: Sweeten up a Low-Carb Diet
There’s nothing wrong with craving sweets. The problem, however, comes when we try to satisfy this craving by consuming sugar, which is high in carbohydrates.
Skip the Sodium, Not the Flavor
Do you know how much sodium you consume on a daily basis? If you’re like many Americans, you may have no idea. Current government guidelines for sodium intake recommend no more than 2,400 milligrams daily (approximately 1 teaspoon) but the average American adult consumes nearly 4,000 milligrams a day.
Slimming Down for Spring? Don’t Forget the Fat!
Springtime is about new beginnings. The season typically conjures up thoughts of spring cleaning, planting a garden, and starting a new diet and exercise plan so we can look our best in spring and summer attire; but for most of us, losing weight is a temporary measure. Before we know it, those dreaded extra pounds are put right back on.
Fast, Fun and Nutritious Meal Ideas for Families on the Go this Summer
Busy families need quick, healthy meals to keep them going. This is especially true during the summer, as they engage in all kinds of outdoor activities from swimming and baseball to bike riding and gardening.
Losing Weight Without Being Hungry
Many people associate weight loss with being hungry all the
time. They`re afraid to start a weight loss plan because they
want to avoid the frustrations of hunger.
Sensible Low Carb Diet Tips
Start your diet with a food diary, record everything
you eat, what you were doing at the time, and how you
The Most Under-Rated Aspect of Weight Loss
If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many
people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?"
I would have to say right near the top of the list is this:
" they don`t drink enough water!"
Why Losing Weight Should Not Be Your Ultimate Goal
You see it everywhere. Lose 10 lbs, turn fat into muscle, trim
inches from your waist line. Do these statements make sense? Are
they possible?
Weight Loss Starts in the Head
Are you a "look-and-lose" dieter? Have you studied
every diet ever created, read a zillion diet books, and yet are
still unhappy with your weight?
Why Diets Fail and What to do about it
If you are like most people I know, you have tried
one diet after another. They decide one day that they are going
on a diet and BANG they suddenly dieting.
Why Diets Don`t Work
At the beginning of each New Year, millions of Americans vow
that this is the year they are going to lose those extra pounds
and every year millions of Americans fail. Why is it so
difficult to lose weight? It`s not because you are a failure.
Fish Oil and Disease Prevention
Fish oil may reduce the risk of heart attack and improve overall
heart health.
Natural vs. Synthetic Herbs & Vitamins
When it comes to herbs and vitamins. Natural or Synthetic?