current health articlesIt is time that the actions of the Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) speak for themselves and Americans began to question their
own absorbent use and blind-loyalty to FDA approved drugs. If
not, you too may become a FDA statistic. The FDA`s
financial ties to "big-pharma" have caused millions
of preventable deaths over the last 30 years.
ADHD : Politics, Money, or Science?
As a medicinal chemist I`ve had the opportunity to see a
shockingly different side of Ritalin (methylphenidate) and ADHD
than the media exposes.
What is the FDA`s Mission Statement?
People want to trust that their so-called elected government is
doing the right thing when it passes regulations to enhance
public safety.
Bombshell - Almost obscene, info since 1987 and...
...people are still dying of all types of cancers, AIDS, muscle
disorders, as you know very, very well. Why is it that the
public believes that `funds have to be raised` to `do research`,
if this conclusive information has existed for over 16 years??
How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America
The author states that this book will examine "both the `big
picture` and its finer details in considering the many ways AIDS
affected the nation`s hardest hit community, gay men."